About Us

Reception51M2APOV consistently delivers excellent service and qualified results at a value.  And now, all within our versatile, full-service clinic/focus group facility.

Clients often refer to us as “Over Achievers” a title we value and work diligently to maintain. APOV brings an innovative approach to conducting a variety of market research studies. From screener development, project design, on-site staffing, facility coordination, real-time reporting, full-service catering, and travel coordination, we take our job as your partner seriously. Driven by integrity, we are adaptive to the unique needs of individual projects.

Our project scope ranges from securing the perfect mix of vehicles, building custom airplane shells, preparing the perfect sleep-study atmosphere, setting the table for qualified taste tests, staging mock trials, managing eye-tracking studies and much more, we truly are your partners in market research success.

Because client satisfaction and project success is the top priority at APOV, we ensure your study is executed skillfully and your team is provided every convenience. After all, we have a 25-year reputation to maintain.

FACILITIES. We are confident you’ll find our clinic and/or focus group space in our full-service research facility located in central Orange County conducive to your project.  But, if you need a facility in another city, your project manager will secure and coordinate the right venue – anywhere in the world! From convention centers and hotels, to unique and private locations, we can source the perfect facility.

RECRUITING. We utilize our proprietary national database, Polk, and other independent and confidential sources to recruit superior quota and targeted respondents . Our experienced recruiters qualify, re-qualify and confirm, consistently delivering 100% show rates, assuring statistical viability while efficiently using your time and resources to deliver meaningful results.

ON-SITE STAFFING. Your seasoned on-site support team is dedicated to delivering valuable consumer feedback in both qualitative and quantitative settings, while ensuring respondents have a pleasant experience. Seasoned interviewers, moderators, guides, knowledgeable support and check-in staff, and professional project managers ensure the study runs smoothly.


National Recruiting
Professional Interviewers
Vehicle Acquisition
Consumer Research
Online Surveys
Facility Coordination

Clinic Management
B2B Research
Telephone Surveys
Support Staff
Taste Tests
Project Management
On-site quota management
Real-time forecasting

Product Placements
Hispanic Market
Mystery Shopping
Audio & Video Services

Screener Composition
Executive Interviews
Mock Juries
Children & Youth Markets


We conducted a little market research of our own. WE ASKED YOU.

Thoughtfully constructed to meet the specific needs requested by you, our brand new full-service research facility combines the technological components you demand with amenities that make your job easier, like separate client entries, free respondent parking, secure streaming and live video screening, state-of-the-art audio/visual, secure WiFi,  respondent lockers, and full-service catering. Not to mention to exceptionally large private client areas that include lounge, kitchen, and private offices. Centrally located in Metro Orange County, we reach a demographically diverse respondent base including all socio-economic groups, ethnic and professional backgrounds.